Governance Structure

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Saniona’s internal controls and corporate governance are based on applicable legislation/regulations and on sector-specific 
parameters considered significant to the company. The control system encompasses all applicable regulatory frameworks as 
well as the specific demands Saniona places on its operations. The internal control and corporate governance tool provide 
overall control of all critical stages relating to the company. This provides Saniona’s Board and management with the conditions 
required to control and govern operations so that they satisfy the stringent demands of the company, the market, the stock 
market, the shareholders and the authorities.

The following legislation/regulations, as well as the company’s own constitutional documents, form the basis of Saniona’s 
corporate governance:

External Regulations

  • The Swedish Companies Act
  • Swedish and international accounting legislation
  • The Swedish Corporate Governance Code
  • Nasdaq Stockholm’s regulatory framework for issuers
  • Other applicable rules and recommendations

Internal constitutional documents

  • The Articles of Association
  • Rules of procedure for the Board of Directors and Committees
  • Instructions for CEO 
  • Guidelines for remuneration of senior executives
  • Code of Conduct
  • Information policy
  • Financial administration guidelines
  • Insider Policy
  • Instruction for insider List
  • Instructions for financial reporting
  • Risk Policy
  • Finance Policy
  • Finance manual
  • Dividend policy
  • IT Policy
  • GDPR Policy