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Janus Schreiber Larsen

Janus Schreiber Larsen

Chief Development Officer

Janus Schreiber Larsen (born 1972) is an organic chemist with more than 20 years’ experience in drug discovery, developing new pharmacological therapies for dysfunctions in the brain.

Larsen was part of the group founding Saniona in 2011, where he initially served as Director of Medicinal Chemistry and IP. From 2015 he took on the role as Vice President, Medicinal Chemistry and IP and then from 2022 he served as Senior Vice President, Preclinical Development and Medicinal Chemistry. Prior to founding Saniona, Larsen was employed at NeuroSearch, where he held several senior- and management roles within Medicinal Chemistry.

Larsen is a chemist by training and holds a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Southern Denmark. He has authored 9 peer-reviewed scientific articles and is co-inventor of more than 35 patents.

Larsen holds 99,400 warrants in the warrant program 2020 and 287,337 shares.